FEATURE OF THE MONTH ON L’ART MAGAZINE: The artist to the artists, the exceptional LaurieAnn Gibson

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.49.50 AM

LaurieAnn is a 360 brand in her own right and is ready to let the entire world know’.

We first came across LaurieAnn Gibson on Diddy’s Making The Band 3. She has since built a reputable reputation imaging international superstars as a Creative Director and choreographer for artists including Lady Gaga, Diddy and Nicki Minaj and has also worked with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.

Fast forward to 2018 and she has starred and produced her own docu-series for Lifetime, ‘Beyond The Spotlight’, co-produced the hit show The Four on Fox, choreographed Spike Lee’s 2018 NBC Super Bowl promo commercial and she is set to executive produce alongside Mary J Blige in a series titled ‘8 Counts’, loosely based on her life. We caught up on all this and more…

L’ART: Congrats on your latest show ‘Beyond the Spotlight’. What did you enjoy most about putting this show together?

LG: Thank you. I enjoy being able to inspire the new generation as well as change the narrative for artists today about the process. A lot of people are so obsessed with social media and being so much like someone else. For me, ‘Beyond The Spotlight’ it was really fighting and being able to hire a conversation about the process. If something doesn’t happen overnight it doesn’t mean that it’s over; it means you’ve got to persist. The great assignments make the most beautiful work when they engage in the process.

L’ART: Compared to previous shows that you have been a part of like Making the Band and Born to Dance, what made you decide to bring a more personal and raw insight to this area of your work?

LG: I feel like there is part of what I do and who I am that was misunderstood. Making the Band was one dimensional, one part of me that was edited, not necessarily in real time. The real elevation of what I do, it’s a process in that there are other parts of me than just Boomkack. Because I am such an artist I think it’s important to take that chance and go to a place where we want to go but [also] felt that I had to go.


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